How to write a 60 day notice to vacate

A letter to vacate is an essential part of ending the rental agreement between you and your landlord. The amount of notice are required to give depends on your lease and landlord requirements. Notice requirements can be made 30 to 60 days before moving out depending upon the lease. Check your lease prior to giving notice, because some agreements state the notice to vacate is effective at the beginning of the following month. For example, if you give notice on the 16th of the month the 60 days does not start until the first of the following month.

Date your letter. It is important to document your 60 day notice with the proper date at the top of your letter. Use the date you are writing the letter and make sure it is more than 60 days prior to your moving out.

Address the letter. Address the letter to the landlord, property management or the apartment complex company underneath the date. Write the name of who the letter is intended for with his or her address on the lines below. If you live in an apartment complex make sure to include company name on the line beneath the manager's name.

Reference your residence. Underneath the address create a subject line to include the place where you are living and plan to vacate in 60 days. This line should include the apartment address, unit number or house address where you live. For example this line should read "RE: Apartment J-202" or "RE: 1234 Sunset Avenue."

Notify landlord of intent. In the body of the letter let the landlord know it is your intent to move out of the residence and the date you will be moving out. Make sure to include that you are abiding by your rental agreement and giving 60 days notice. For example write something like "As per the terms of our rental agreement, we are giving you 60 days notice prior to our vacating the residence referenced."

Include new contact information. In a new paragraph inform the landlord where you will be moving to and how he or she can contact you. This will help you get your deposit back in a timely manner and give the landlord a way to contact if there is an issue with your residence after you have moved out.

Sign letter. At the bottom of the letter sign and print your name. Make sure to include all residents who were listed on the rental agreement. This will show the landlord that each and everyone listed on the lease agreement will be moving out of the residence at the same time.

Keep records. Keep a copy of the notice to vacate letter for your reference and write on your copy the date and time you hand delivered the notice. If you have to put the letter in the mail, do so at least one week before the 60 days is to begin and get delivery confirmation. This will prove that you did submit 60 days notice and that the landlord has it in his or her hands in time.

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