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How to write a contract or a proposal for a new job

Employees often write contracts or proposals for new jobs within the companies they work for.

If you have developed a new job that would offer benefits to the company, write a proposal to your manager or owner of the company to propose your idea.

A proposal explains the new job, what it consists of, the details and the benefits the company would receive. This type of proposal also outlines the reasons why you would be the best candidate for the proposed position.

Research the position. Before writing this proposal, determine the need for the new job. Look at other companies, similar to yours, and decide if the job is necessary and beneficial. Research the job description, job title, salary information and pertinent facts regarding the job. If you determine that the job is necessary for the company, write the proposal to your supervisor or person who handles these types of decisions.

Create a cover letter. Most proposals begin with a cover letter that states brief facts about the document. In the cover letter, write your name and contact information, the company's name and contact information, the date and the title of the proposal, for example, "Proposal for New Job." Be sure to include the name of the person who will be reading the proposal as well.

Begin the proposal with the purpose of the document, which is considered the introduction. Describe the job position you are proposing, state that you would like to be considered for this job and describe briefly the purpose of the job.

Offer more details. In the body of the proposal, go into further details regarding the job description, the job duties and responsibilities.

Describe the benefits. List each benefit the company would receive by creating this particular position. In this section of the proposal, listing each benefit with bulleted points is an ideal way to present the information.

Include the needed resources. Describe what would be needed for this job --- like an office, a computer and possibly an office assistant or secretary. Include also the cost of the job. State an approximate salary amount, as well as the benefits the employee would receive.

Describe why you would be ideal for the position. Tell the reader your previous accomplishments and skills and describe why the company should consider hiring you to fill the proposed position.

Close the proposal. Reiterate positive details or benefits of this new job and thank the reader for considering your proposal. Inform him that you will contact him in 1 or 2 weeks to follow up on the proposal, if you have not yet received a response from him. Sign your name at the end of the proposal.