How to write a disciplinary report

Employers and supervisors must sometimes write disciplinary reports in response to employee activities. Teachers and school administrators much write similar reports in response to student or school employee behaviours and activities. Regardless of the environment, the report contains similar information and has a similar purpose. The disciplinary report documents who performed or didn't perform a specific action at a specific time and what the outcome of that behaviour was. The report should also include how the situation was resolved and recommendations for any future actions.

Document what you understand were the actions of a specific employee that require you to meet with the employee. Include any information from the employee about the incident. Contact any other parties involved in the incident and get their perspective.

Prepare a list of questions you have for the employee. This may include the motives of the employee at the time, precipitating events and how the employee attempted to resolve the issue.

Present the questions to the employee. Make clarifications in your previous documentation. Verify that you have a clear understanding of the events as they happened and can fully assess the situation.

Ask the employee what alternative course might have been taken to prevent the current situation. Refer to the employee's job description, company policy or other written standards that present a preferred course of action. Document these standards and policies in the report.

Verify that the employee was aware of the preferred method of response and document that. If the employee was not aware of the preferred course of action, document that you have provided that information and give a reason as to why the employee did not have that information previously (new regulation, unwritten policy).

Problem solve with the employee. Determine what steps he might take the next time this situation happens. Determine if the employee needs additional training or monitoring. Document that in the report.

Review the information with the employee and verify that you are both in agreement to the facts contained in the report. If you both agree, both of you sign and date the report. If you disagree, have the employee write his comments on the report and then sign the report.

Document any follow-up actions necessary before filing the report with human resources and supervisors.

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