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How to write an employee termination announcement

Whenever an employee is terminated, it is as if a member of a team has been lost. Teams work together to get things done.

Therefore, when a member of the team is no longer present, the other team members need to know. The key to announcing the firing of an employee is to keep it as simple and brief as possible.

Make the announcement as soon as the employee is terminated. This is especially critical if the employee has a security badge that allows him to access the building, if he has e-mail access, or an active username and password that can be used to access confidential company information.

Address the announcement to employees who are on a need-to-know basis. For example, building security, management, supervisors, and the information technology department.

Include your name at the top of the announcement to ensure the rest of the team know the source of the announcement. Note the date of the announcement as well.

Include in the announcement the name of the employee who has been terminated, as well as the date of his termination.

Include in the announcement the contact person who is temporarily or permanently assuming the responsibilities of the terminated employee.

Include any other instructions you would like the remaining staff to follow as it relates to the terminated employee. For example, call security if the terminated employee is seen in the building. You can also advise the remaining staff not to discuss company business with the terminated employee.

Avoid discussing the reason the employee was terminated. This should remain confidential Human Resources information. Leaking this confidential information can result in legal problems.