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How to write a lease termination notice

In even the best of circumstances, there are times when it is necessary to dissolve a landlord/tenant agreement.

As is the case in most legal situations, a document that officially ends the agreement is necessary. A lease termination notice can be from the tenant or from the landlord, but should include specific information.

Label the notice with the name of the tenant (lessee) and the owner (landlord). Addresses and contact information should appear on the notice, as well as the date of the letter. In most cases, the lessee must give/have 30 days notice of the intent to terminate the lease. In the case of a week-to-week lease, a seven-day notice is usually acceptable. The terms of termination should be contained in the original lease agreement.

Clearly state a date of surrender on the lease termination letter. On that date, by 11:59 p.m., the premises must be empty and vacant. This date should be at least one day before the next rent payment is due.

Address any penalties that apply if you are ending the lease earlier than the agreed-upon date. In most cases, the lessee is required to pay for the entire term of the lease. Reinforce this fact in the notice. If this case is an exception to the rule, clearly state so in the notice. Otherwise, list the lump sum penalty amount due to the landlord along with the expected date of payment.

Request a visit to the property as a walk-through before the date of surrender. This appointment will give the landlord the opportunity to inspect damage and determine the need for repairs. In this way, the lessee is also protected in that he/she can observe and witness the landlord's findings. It is appropriate to list available dates in the lease termination notice with a contact number to confirm the appointment.

Request the forwarding address of the lessee. The forwarding address is primarily for returning the security deposit, but may also be for notifying delivery personnel. A new phone number is also helpful if the landlord needs additional information from the tenant.

Sign the notice. If more than one tenant is on the lease agreement, each tenant's name and signature should appear on the lease termination notice.


The letter should be sent by certified mail or hand-delivered for dated proof of receipt. Save a copy of the lease termination notice for your records. The lease termination notice is appropriate and acceptable even if the lease agreement does not stipulate its need. U.S. Legal Forms offers lease termination notice forms that apply to each individual state. Visit the website for the forms that fit the situation and application of your notice.