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How to Write a Letter to Vacate a Property

A notice to vacate a property communicates important information about a rental agreement. Issue a notice to vacate if you are a landlord or property manager and wish to terminate a periodic tenancy agreement, the most common of which is a month to month lease. You cannot issue a notice to vacate if a tenant signs a fixed term tenancy agreement unless both parties agree to it.

Enter the origination date of the letter to vacate. Include a day, month and year. Enter the tenant's name on a separate line below. Because you're writing a formal letter to vacate, you must record the tenant's name as it appears on the original lease agreement and ensure that all spelling is correct. Enter the address of the rental property, including the tenant's unit number.

Notify the tenant of the day by which he must vacate the rental property and provide instructions on where to leave keys to the premises. Remind the tenant that all rent and service bills for the premises are payable until the termination date.

Skip down one to two spaces. State that you agree under penalty of perjury that you served the tenant with the above notice to vacant by mail or in person, either in hand or in the tenant's letter box.

Sign and date the notice. Both sign and print your name. Retain a copy of the notice for your records.


Use formal stationary and a business letterhead for a more businesslike appearance.