How to Write a Personal Performance Appraisal

A personal performance appraisal is done to determine how an employee is completing a specific job in question. It is filled out by the employee to determine whether he understands the job expectations and responsibilities. It is evaluated by supervisors or department managers. This type of review is usually done by having the employee fill out a performance appraisal form, so the employee knows exactly what areas to focus on. If not, there are areas you should discuss as an employee of a business.

Write down your personal information in regards to the position. This should be the name of the business, the location, the address, your starting date and the appraisal information, such as the name of the appraiser and the date for the review.

Write down what you believe are your main responsibilities in this specific job position. For example, this can include customer service, closing the cash till at night and performing regular cleaning duties.

Share your thoughts about the work in terms of whether or not the job has been satisfactory, whether you have had any personal achievements, what you do and do not like about the job or the department, difficulties you have completing the job and what is appealing about the job.

Write down a list of personal goals within the job and explain where you would like to be in a year to five years in terms of your job or career. If it is the same job you want to keep, the goals will reflect positively on your answers as it shows you want to grow into the position and make it better for you and the company.

Give yourself scores between one and five in terms of company communication, responsibilities and tasks, teamwork, creativity and time management. Your employer may provide you with a list of areas that apply to your specific position in question.

Finish your personal appraisal form by making any last remarks to your employer that were not brought to the surface during the appraisal performance review.

Hand the form to your employer and wait for feedback. The appraiser will complete a similar form, where she will determine how you do your job, a list of strengths and weaknesses and determine whether a job promotion is in order for you based on your goals, your motivation and your passion for your work.

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