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How to write simple policies & procedures for home health care

Creating policies and procedures is essential for organisations trying to put their best practices in writing.

Writing policies and procedures require planning and attention to the details. Effective policies save money and time, according to the Professional Development Center.

The writer's goal is to put into action a set of policies that are understandable, clear and error-free.

For the home health care, industry, a policy manual should reduce misunderstanding and conflicts. A standard policies and procedures manual includes the following: policy title and number, approval date, effective date, purpose, policy and procedure.

Investigate issues at home health care agency. List issues that occurred within the past six months. Use a bullet list.

Research and locate appropriate federal and state laws regarding policies and procedures.

Create a standard template that includes: Times Roman 12pt font, table of contents and headings, including 1" margins on right and left side.

Write the policy title and number. Here's an example: Company Computer Use, Policy number 1.

Write the approval date. The approval date differs from the effective date. This is because policies and procedures must be approved by a board of directors or board of trustees or policy department, according to Utah Valley University.

Write the effective date.

Write the purpose statement. Write a clear statement. For example, "This policy will ensure that employees stay safe while working at..." Review the purpose statement and be sure it aligns with your organisation's mission and values.

Write the policy. Write a policy that is understandable and follows federal and state guidelines. An example policy could be: "Employees must be at work station five minutes before shift starts."

Write the procedure. Write a procedure that is understandable and follows federal and state guidelines. An example procedure could be: "Employees should call the attendance hotline one hour before shift starts..." Evaluate the procedure and consider how it adds value, according to

Review the draft of policies and procedures and spellcheck for errors. Check for sentence clarity and structure.


Include a title page that is descriptive of the contents of the manual. Some policy and procedures manuals include a statement of confidentiality.


Be aware of conflict of interest statements as you review the manual.

Things Needed

  • Personal computer
  • Word processing software