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How to write a receipt for rent

If you are a property owner, leasing agent or the roommate responsible for paying the rent on time, you'll likely have to provide a receipt for payment of rent for the renters' records. The rent receipt should state the date of payment, the amount paid and the address of the renter's residence.

There isn't a universal document to use as a receipt, but there are standard receipt forms. You may use a receipt booklet, one of the receipt templates that are common with word processing software or even a blank sheet of paper.

Enter the date the rent payment was received, not the date the check was written.

Write the tenant's name, rental property address (including unit number), municipality, state and Postcode. The address should correspond with the signed lease.

Fill in the amount received and the payment period. For example, if you received a £325 rent payment for May 2000, enter "Payment of rent for the period of May 1, 2000 to May 31, 2000," then the amount received.

Write your name and title as the person receiving the payment. For example, write "Mary Smith, property owner," or "John Doe, roommate."

Note whether the payment was made in cash, credit or check. If it's paid by check, enter the check number and the renter's driver license number. If the renter paid by credit card, note the credit card number, expiration date and the three digit code located on the back of the credit card.


  • Property owners should keep rental receipts for a period of four years for tax purposes. Renters should keep the rent receipts for the life of the lease.