How to Write a Reference Letter to a Potential Landlord

When people you know ask you for a reference letter that will be given to a potential landlord, there are certain things that should be included.. If you are their former or current landlord, your e letter should focus on what makes them good tenants. If you are just a trusted person in their life, you can focus on positive traits of theirs that can apply to being a good tenant.

Put the date at the top of the reference letter, and if the people who asked you for the letter know the landlord's name, you should address the letter to the landlord by name.

Explain in the first paragraph that the tenants rented a house or apartment from you. Go on to give details about the tenants' stay on your property. Positive things you can say about the people Include that they paid rent and utility bills early or on time, that they weren't noisy, that they get along with the neighbours and didn't cause any problems, that their children or pets were never destructive and that they left the property in excellent condition. If you would rent a property to these people in the future, say so in the letter.

State that they left of their own free will and were not evicted by you. Also say that they gave you adequate advanced notice, if applicable.

Provide information for contacting you, and mention that the potential landlord can contact you if he has any questions or concerns. Type your name and provide your phone number again beneath it, then sign the letter.

Put the date at the top of the reference letter.

Give real examples of why the potential tenants can be trusted. For example, if you've worked with them for a long time, you can use work examples to show how they have had steady employment, and therefore, steady income and that they are good, dependable workers.

Provide insight on how the potential tenants are likely to treat the landlord's property. For example, if you have been in their p current residence, you might include something about how immaculate the place has been over a period of years.

Include that the potential landlord can contact withe any questions or concerns and provide your contact information. Type your name and provide your phone number again beneath it, then sign the letter.

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