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How to write a resignation acceptance letter

Resignation acceptance letters are frequently created and used in the workplace to acknowledge an employee's stated desire to part with the company. These letters are brief, objective and direct.

The majority of companies already have a resignation acceptance letter template that is standard for all resigning employees. However, if your company does not or you are a new employer, it may be necessary to write a resignation acceptance letter from scratch.

Confirm receipt of the employee's resignation in the first paragraph. Most employees resign by sending a letter to human resources announcing their decision to leave the company and indicating their last day of work. State that the resignation letter has been accepted by referring to the date and addressee of the letter, and restate the employee's last date of employment. If an employee has informally resigned, request that she put her resignation in writing to the appropriate personnel.

State the name of the human resources manager whom the resigning employee will meet with prior to the end of her employment in the second paragraph. If possible, provide the date and time of the meeting. State that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the employee's benefits and to conduct an exit interview. Explain that the manager will review the employee's accrued benefits with her and explain how she will be paid any monies owed. Indicate that the employee's health insurance termination will also be discussed at this meeting. Finally, explain the purpose of the exit interview, to gain the employee's feedback on important workplace issues like knowing why an employee is leaving the company and how the company can improve the work environment to recruit and retain employees.

Thank the resigning employee for her contributions in the third paragraph. Expressing gratitude for the employee's performance can be generic or you may want to refer to specific improvements or results brought about by the employee's hard work and skill. After wishing the employee well in her new endeavour, if you are willing, state that you are available to serve as an employment or personal reference.


  • Before offering to serve as an employment reference for the resigning employee check with human resources to determine whether this is allowed. For legal reasons, many companies do not allow their managers to provide references aside from confirming the dates of the employee's employment.


  • A copy of both the employee's resignation letter and the resignation acceptance letter should be placed in the employee's personnel file.