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Accountability team building exercises

By creating accountability in your workplace, you can encourage employees to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the completion of their job duties and overall job performance. Instilling accountability in your employees can initially prove a difficult task. One way to create a culture of accountability is to engage your workers in team-building games with an overall accountability focus. By taking this path, you can make the focus on accountability a bit easier for your employees to adopt.

Mission Statement Songs

Your employees can't be accountable to your company mission if they are not aware of what the mission is. To ensure that your workers are fully aware of what you are trying to accomplish, engage them in the creation of mission statement songs. Divide your employees into teams and present each team with a copy of your company mission statement. Ask the teams to set this statement to music, creating a song in the style of their choice. After all teams have had time to prepare, ask them to present their musical creations to the rest of the staff, and vote on which song is best.

Map to Success

Employees are more capable to achieving success if they know how to get to success. Join your workers together in an exploration of what it takes to be successful by completing a map to success activity. To begin this activity, ask your workers to select a starting point and an ending point. If your business specialises in advertising, for example, your starting point can be the acquisition of a new client, and your ending the successful dissemination of their ad. Divide workers into groups, and give each a sheet of chart paper. Ask your workers to work as teams to create a map to success by creating a chart that leads from the decided upon starting point to the ending, touching upon the important elements in between. Allow each team to present their maps. Place the completed maps in a visible place so they act as a reminder of how to attain success.

Team Role T-shirts

If employees are fully aware of what their roles are within their teams, they are more capable of being accountable to these roles. Encourage role understanding by engaging your employees in a T-shirt design activity. To begin this activity, give each worker a white T-shirt. Provide your workers with fabric paint or fabric pens, and ask them to decorate their T-shirt so the garment is representative of their role in the team. For example, a department manager can draw huge glasses on his T-shirt, representing that his function is to watch his workers. Allow employees to wear their completed garments to work on a day following the activity.

Rapid Re-write Race

Sometimes workers fail to achieve their goals because they don't feel their goals are attainable. Overcome this issue by creating a sense of efficacy in your workforce with a rapid rewrite activity. To prepare for this activity, print out a short statement or phrase relevant to your company. Divide your workers into teams of two or three employees each, and give each team a copy of this statement, a marker and a sheet of chart paper. Instruct your workers to divide the statement into two or three parts, depending upon the number of individuals in the team. Tell workers that, when you say go, they should recopy the statement onto their chart using their non-dominant hand. Reward the team that finishes the challenging task first with a prize for their efforts.