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How to Withdraw a Job Application From Consideration

Whether you've accepted another job offer or have simply decided a job is just not right for you, there is an appropriate protocol to follow when you decide to withdraw a job application from consideration.

Remain professional and have the courtesy to let other employers know your decision before they waste time considering your resume or interview status. Doing so will help further your reputation as a worker who respects the time of others.

Create a new document and paste in both your header with contact information and the name, title, company and address information of the recipient that you used on the cover letter when you initially applied for the job. Add the current date between your header and the recipient's information. Greet the employer by name: for example, "Dear Mrs. Smith."

Write a brief first paragraph that expresses your thanks for being considered for the job in question. If you have already attended an interview, mention so and explain that you enjoyed meeting the employer and learning more about the company.

Write a second paragraph, explaining that you must respectfully withdraw from consideration for the job. Inform the employer of your reasons, although avoid going into too much detail. For example: "I have accepted another offer that I feel is the best match for my skills." You do not need to name the company. If you have not accepted another offer, keep your reason for withdrawing respectful. For example: "After further consideration, I feel that this position isn't the best match for my skills."

Write a final paragraph and wish the employer and company continued success. Thank the employer again for her consideration and time, and end with a formal closing, such as "Sincerely," followed by your name.