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How to Add Drivers to Car Insurance

Adding another driver to your car insurance policy can not only help you to make sure that everyone in your household is covered, but also fulfils legal requirements for coverage in some states. The process for adding a new driver is a simple one, and can usually be carried out in person, over the phone or online. Adding a new driver to an existing policy does cause an increase in the policy's premium, but the increase is generally much less expensive than taking out a new policy.

Visit your local insurance agency. If you have a particular agent that you work with, let her know that you wish to modify your policy; if you don't, let any available agent know.

Tell the insurance agent that you wish to add another driver to your policy. You will be required to fill out a form with information such as the driver's name and driver's license number.

Sign the paper to confirm the change to your car insurance policy. You may be required to pay for the change now, or the agency might simply bill you for the difference in price.

Call your insurance agent. If you do not have a particular agent that you work with, call the local office of your insurance agency and discuss the policy change with the agent who answers.

Tell the agent that you wish to add another driver to your policy's coverage. You will need to provide them with the new driver's name and driver's license number; other information may be required as well.

Listen as the agent confirms the change and calculates your new insurance premium. Depending on the agency, you may be billed for the change or you might be required to pay the difference immediately.

Sign the authorisation form when it arrives in the mail. Return the form promptly to prevent interruptions in your insurance coverage.

Log in to your online car insurance account. Locate the account management portion of the user interface.

Select the option to manage the drivers who are covered by your car insurance policy. There should be an option to add drivers and to remove drivers; these options may be part of a single interface or they may be listed separately.

Use the "Add Drivers" option to add a new driver to your insurance policy. You will need to enter the new driver's name and driver's license number, and may be required to enter a residence and other information as well.

Finalise the changes. Depending on how your online insurance is set up, you may be billed for the difference in cost or the amount may be debited immediately from a preapproved payment option of your choice.

Things Needed

  • Insurance policy number
  • Driver's license number of new driver