If your driving privileges have been revoked and the court in your jurisdiction has granted you conditional authorisation to drive, you may be wondering whether or not you can find insurance coverage. There are various things to consider before buying insurance if your driver's license has been revoked.

High-Risk Insurance

If you have legally obtained temporary or emergency driving privileges, there are companies that will insure you--for usually a high cost. Consult your local yellow pages for insurance agents who specialise in high-risk auto insurance.

Insurance Companies Check Your Driving Record

You won't be able to conceal your license revocation from your insurance company. Insurers investigate the driving history of their customers and will learn of your license revocation.

Insurers Won't Break the Law

If you are planning to drive while under a license revocation without court approval, then you are breaking the law. Insurance companies will refuse to pay claims for accidents occurring while you unlawfully operate a vehicle.

Licensing Requirements

The insurance company may refuse to insure you until you obtain conditional driving privileges if you haven't already.

Policy Cancellations

If your insurer discovers that you are not a licensed driver, they will cancel your policy. This will adversely affect the coverage of other parties on your policy as well.