A private courier service delivers mail and parcels. The difference between a courier and the postal service is that courier companies provide speedy delivery in a committed time and parcel-tracking numbers for ease and convenience of the customer.


A good logistics support and reliable service is regarded as the hallmark of a good courier company. In the current market, every company is fighting for a good and loyal customer base. So all of them have the common aim of making their customers happy by maintaining regularity of service along with consistency.


The primary objective of courier companies is customer satisfaction. Reliability, speed of service, coverage area and value for money are some of the criteria on which the service provided by a courier company is evaluated. Courier companies are also guided by labour rights and employee principles.


A good courier company will have services that are entirely customer-oriented. A customer-oriented courier company will help a customer to decide which service suits his needs and provide him with a complete, detailed report about his shipment. A successful private courier company will always offer competitive rates, express delivery and various options of personalising the shipment according to the needs of the customer.