Customer service is vital to the health and longevity of any company. Equipping people who represent a company, its product or service, is essential.

Setting clearly defined goals and objectives creates a foundation of success for both the company and customer service representatives. In addition, clearly defined goals and objectives increases the chances that the customer will have a successful experience as well.

Service Quality

The primary goals and objectives of customer service include ensuring that each encounter customers have with a company and its representatives is both positive and successful. Representatives should be trained in the company's standards for customer service.

Solutions and Resolutions

Customer service goals should include implementing effective strategies to ensure that customers receive solutions and resolutions to any issues or inquiries regarding products or services. Effective customer service in this area will consistently improve with regular training and positive supervision.

Data Collection

All interactions with customers are an opportunity for the company to collect data. The data are useful when analysing whether a company's products or services meets customers' expectations and how products or services are doing.

Data collection is a good indicator as to areas of strengths, weaknesses and whether customer service representatives are meeting performance standards. Feedback is important to ongoing individual development.


Setting and understanding customer service goals and objectives is key to individual performance as a customer service representative. Some goals include representatives achieving a certain number of calls or resolving customer inquiries within certain guidelines.