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An anaesthesiologist is a medical doctor who works with other doctors to give patients drugs to help relieve pain. An anaesthesiologist also monitors a patient's vital functions throughout the surgery. He may work as a part of the operating room team or be instructed to provide pain relief medication within other areas in the hospital, such as labour and delivery or the intensive care unit. If you are interested in becoming an anaesthesiologist, get a bachelor's degree; attend 4 years of medical school; and 3 to 4 years of residency.


According to, a physician recruiting agency who has put together an Annual Compensation and Employment Survey in early spring 2009, anesthesiologists earned an average salary of £230,921. According to's Money Magazine, an anesthesiologist's top pay was £265,200 in 2009.

Starting Salary

An anesthesiologist's starting salary begins at six-figures. According to's Money Magazine, the big salary is payback for approximately 12-plus years of training that an anaesthesiologist undergoes before beginning practice. According to the 2009 Physician Compensation Survey conducted by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), the starting salary for an anaesthesiologist is £211,250.


Anesthesiologists can generally be found in health care facilities, specifically in physician's offices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, offices of physicians employed the highest number of anesthesiologists with an average salary of £133,906. Other industries that employed high numbers of anesthesiologists were general medical and surgical hospitals; outpatient care centres; offices of other health practitioners; and colleges, universities and professional schools.


Gender was a significant factor in earnings. Male anesthesiologists earned more than female anesthesiologists. According to and the 2009 survey, male anesthesiologists earned an average salary of £237,290, while female anaesthesiologist earned £201,903.


Anesthesiologists in some regions earned more money than others. According to the 2009 AMGA Medical Group Compensation and Financial Survey, the highest paying region for anesthesiologists in the United States was the northern region with an average salary of £244,278. Other regions included the south with £229,205; the west with £230,895; and the east with £212,333.

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