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Animal jobs available for teenagers

Getting a job as a teenager should be a lesson in responsibility, but should also be something the teenager is interested in learning more about or pursuing later in life.

If a teenager is interested in working with animals, or just finds that he loves to spend time with pets, a great summer or school-year option is to work with animals. There are many different ways to do this.

Be a Dog Walker/Sitter

Becoming a dog walker is one of the few jobs that does not take any previous experience other than a love for dogs. Because scheduling can be done around a person's own schedule, it is a great job for a teenager looking for summer employment, although it could become a year-round position. To start a dog walking or sitting service, check with the local government for licensing and insurance requirements. There are also online courses that can introduce the teenager to general knowledge about walking dogs, behaviour traits, safety precautions and breed mentalities.

Find a Ranch or Farm

These jobs tend to be low paying and very labour intensive, but the reward and knowledge gained can be invaluable. Most teenage positions include mucking stalls, feeding and watering, helping with banding and birthing and possibly some simple medical attention.

Generally, these jobs are available in your own area just by contacting a local farm or ranch. If you are looking for a more adventurous summer job, you can check out different websites online that offer ranch and farm jobs all around the country and internationally.

Work for a Local Veterinarian

Working with your local veterinarian generally involves little to no experience and can lead to a rewarding summer. Most teenage positions in the office will be part-time. Duties generally include cleaning cages, bathing animals, walking boarded animals and general office duties and cleaning.

Work at the Pet Shelter

Spending the summer working at the local humane society can be an option that could truly make a difference for the animals you encounter. With duties similar to that of an assistant in a veterinarian's office--bathing, walking and cleaning--it can be difficult to find paying jobs at a shelter as many part-time and seasonal positions are volunteer-based.

Other Options

There are many other opportunities for teenagers to work with animals; it simply depends on what is available in your area. The preceding tend to be available within a reasonable distance of everyone.

Other options include grooming (starting a business or working with an established one), working at your local zoo or checking out a horse track. Pay attention to opportunities in your area.