Description of job roles in salons

There are several different job types in a typical salon that range from generalists to specialists. Most salon jobs require formal training, licensure and a strong customer service focus.

Salon Managers

Salon Managers are responsible for keeping the salon running properly, with specific responsibilities in staff hiring and management, inventory control, product purchasing, event coordination, payroll, PR and business operations.


Hairstylists cut, colour and style hair. They may also shampoo hair and provide other services such as waxing or scalp treatments. Hairstylists are often responsible for building and maintaining client relationships and may be required to sell salon products.


Colourists are usually hairstylists who specialise in colouring hair. They receive advanced training in colouring techniques and may even gain certification as a Colorist.

Nail Technicians

Nail Technicians are also called Manicurists or Pedicurists. They offer services related to the grooming and beautification of fingernails and toenails, including shaping, filing and polishing. They may also apply artificial nails and perform skin-softening procedures to hands and feet.


Aestheticians are specialists who perform facials and other skin-care procedures. They sometimes apply make-up, remove blemishes and remove unwanted hair.

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