Animal-Related Summer Jobs

Working with animals can have many rewards, and not all animal-related jobs require you to have experience. Knowing where to look for these jobs can save a lot of time, especially if you are seeking a short-term summer job. You can also take the skills you learn on the job and apply them to a more advance career working with animals in the future.


Animal boarding facilities and daytime pet-care centres often hire inexperienced employees who desire a job working with animals, and duties may include walking, feeding domestic animals and providing playtime to dogs. You may also have some cleaning duties.


Pet stores offer the opportunity to work directly with animals, and people can get these jobs usually with little or no experience. Feed stores and pet supply stores often allow pets into the store with their owners. Duties may include customer care and product education, handling and feeding animals, and pet care advice.


Many large cities have large aquarium attractions, with many types of jobs working with aquatic and marine animals. Many of these positions are seasonal due to the nature of tourism, and many offer summer job opportunities.


Offering a wonderful opportunity to work directly with animals, a rescue shelter is not only rewarding. It's also beneficial to the community. Whether working with animals as a trainer, a kennel worker or at the front desk, there are many opportunities with rescue facilities.


Most veterinarians and animal hospitals have kennel positions that do not require experience. These jobs may involve cleaning up after animals; you'll also be responsible for walking and feeding them. Veterinarians and vet technicians also need technician assistants; the assistants help with the animals during office visits and with minor medical procedures.

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