Benefits of providing quality customer service

Customer service is a universal concept; most companies have a customer service department. Companies that keep quality at the forefront of their operations are on track to becoming a better company and provide their customers with the quality service they deserve and should expect. Some of the benefits of providing quality customer service include increased revenues, improved customer service and customer loyalty.

Increased Revenues

Quality customer service means increased revenues, and revenue increases translate to additional customer sales. When customer service meets or exceeds customer expectations, the customer is confident in the company's abilities and thus inclined to spend more money to purchase the company's products and services. This can directly translate to the company's "bottom line."

Enchanced Company Reputation

Companies are known for the service they provide. When customers have a bad experience with a company, they will tell their friends, neighbours and anyone else who will listen. When customers have positive interactions with a company, they will also relay that information. Through the use of blogs, websites and social media, customers are communicating about their interactions with a company and its products and services. Quality customer service gives a company a good reputation.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction occurs because their needs are met. Providing quality customer service means that the company is meeting and exceeding customers' expectations. One of the best ways to find out what customers think about a company is to simply ask through customer satisfaction surveys. The surveys should ask questions about the most recent customer experience with the company, the quality of the company's products and services and what the customer does not like about the company. The surveys also should not be afraid to ask the customer what he likes about the company's competition.

Customer Loyalty

Quality customer service translates into customer loyalty. If the organisation truly meets and exceeds customer expectations, the customer will be hesitant to use the services of a competitor. Often, competitors enter the industry and offer their services for a lower price. The industry leader can avoid a "price war" by offering and maintaining quality customer service. When customers are confident in the company's customer service, they remain loyal to the company.

Engaged Employees

Quality customer service means that employees are spending time using their skills to enhance the business. Instead of encountering the same problem repeatedly, employees take the steps necessary to satisfy the customer but also take steps to prevent the problem from recurring. The employee leaves a positive impression on the customer, directly affects the company's operations and gains a sense of accomplishment. It is a win-win-win solution for the customer, company and employer.

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