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How to buy a laptop with no credit check

Laptops are slim, portable, all-in-one computers that have become increasingly popular as their prices have gone down.

High-end laptops can still cost thousands of dollars, and many people opt for a payment plan to help handle the cost.

These payment plans often require a credit check, and those with bad or nonexistent credit may be denied. If you're looking to buy a laptop and wish to avoid a credit check when purchasing, there are several ways to go about it.

Save up your money until you have enough to cover the purchase price of a laptop from an online or retail store. There are many quality affordable laptops at your local electronics store, and most stores let you pre-order a computer online and pick it up at the store.

Check local newspaper ads, craigslist postings, eBay, and even garage sales for used laptops. While they don't come equipped with warranties, used laptops are oftentimes much cheaper than new, and some sellers may work out a payment plan with you, or even barter for items you no longer need.

Ask a customer service representative at your local electronics store if their store offers layaway services. If you are unable to afford the full price of a laptop and need to make payments, layaway will hold the item and let you pay what you can and when you can, but you will not receive the laptop until it is fully paid off.

Buy a "bare bones" laptop from your local computer store. These laptops are cheap to purchase and require no credit check. They contain only the bare minimum hardware required to run the computer, allowing you to purchase and install better hardware when you have the money. This may be an unwise choice for less tech-savvy people, as installing hardware in laptops can be difficult and you may need to hire a specialist if you are unable to do it yourself.

Check your local furniture and electronics rental stores for laptops. Many places offer rent-to-own plans that require no credit check. Keep in mind that laptops purchased through a rent-to-own program will oftentimes be two or three times more expensive in the long run.


  • When purchasing a laptop new, there may be an additional charge for warranties, fees, taxes and shipping and handling, if applicable. Make sure to factor this in when saving up for your new computer. Many stores that still offer layaway plans have a time limit on how long they will hold your product. Inquire about this before putting a laptop on layaway to avoid losing it.