Stunt artists usually work in the film industry and perform stunts such as fighting scenes, car chases and falling from buildings. Some stunt artists perform in shows in amusement parks to entertain park visitors.

Although safety measures are taken to protect stunt artists during their stunts, many traditional insurance packages don't cover this line of work because of the high risk involved. Stunt artists do however have several insurance options.

Health Insurance With the Screen Actors Guild

According to, stunt performers usually work independently and have to provide their own health insurance, but many are insured through the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and pay a basic policy fee dependent on earnings.

To be eligible for the Screen Actors Guild insurance you have to meet certain earnings or days of work requirements. Once you are registered with this guild and become eligible, the SAG Plan Office will send you a notice of eligibility with ID cards and a statement for the first premium.

Liability Insurance Through Employers

As the film and entertainment industry often involves risky moments, movie producers or other employers such as theme parks will provide liability insurance for stunt artists. This insurance usually covers stunts and other everyday accidents.

Production companies often get to pay lower premiums if they have highly skilled stunt artists. This means that the higher you are skilled, the more easily you will find a job and insurance coverage.

Stunt Extention Packages

Some insurance companies provide special stunt coverage packages for film productions.

The insurance company provides quotes per stunt performed during film shoots. Eligible declared stunts, precision driving scenes and animal stunts can sometimes be purchased as a buyback to existing stunt exclusions.

Supplemental Policies

Many stunt artists buy supplemental policies to obtain extra coverage that is not provided by SAG. This insurance could include extra health, death or permanent disability benefits. Stunt artists who are not eligible for or are not insured through SAG also need to seek insurance through other major insurance providers.