How to Calculate Hourly Rate in the UK

The hourly rate is the amount of money you make for each hour of work. If you have a job in the United Kingdom where you were quoted an annual salary, such as £60,000, you may not know how that translates in terms of your hourly wage. Calculating your hourly rate in the UK is done in the same manner as calculating your hourly rate in the United States. As long as you know your annual salary or how much you earned for a set number of hours, you can calculate your hourly rate in the UK.

Refer to your UK job offer letter or paycheck stub. Look to see if your salary amount is listed on your offer letter, or take note of the number of hours worked on your paycheck stub.

Calculate the rate using a calculator. If you have the salary amount, divide it by the number of hours you would work in a year, such as 1,924 for a 37 hour work week. If you have the number of hours that you worked, take the gross pay amount that is listed on the check stub and divide it by the total number of hours worked. Be sure to use gross pay and not net pay, which is the amount you get after deductions.

Try an online salary calculator, such as the NW Payroll or Salary Converter websites, to check your calculations. Use the online calculator if you do not want to do the math yourself.

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