Can you insure a car you don't drive?

Auto insurance is one of those things you never think about until something happens to your car. It's very important that you insure all your vehicles, just in case that day comes when you really need the coverage. Even cars you don't drive should be covered, so you can have some peace of mind after an accident.

Your Car Isn't Needed

Sell your car or give it to someone else if you aren't using it. This will save you money, since you'll no longer have to pay for the insurance on it. But until you get rid of the car, you'll need to continue to insure it. After all, you're not driving it, but what if someone comes along and steals it?

Your Car Is Inoperable

Take care of the car until you can get it fixed or until you decide to sell it. Insurance might even cover the repairs you need to get it up and running, so continue to make your payments and speak with a representative at your insurance company to see what you can do.

Insure a Car You Own Jointly

Make sure a car you own with someone else is insured even if you don't plan to drive it. You are still an owner of that car. If anything were to happen involving it and it wasn't insured, then you would be expected to take at least partial financial responsibility.

Insure Someone Else's Car

Put someone else's car on your insurance by providing the make and model, mileage and VIN number to your insurance agent. Your insurance company may want additional information, and if you plan to add another driver on your policy as well, then you will need their name, date of birth and driver's license information.

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