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How to Cancel a Curves Contract

Curves, a circuit gym for women, offers an annual contract for membership for those who want to spend less money than they would by paying on a month-to-month basis. Many women opt for the annual contract fully willing to commit to a year-long duration of membership fees.

One benefit to signing an annual contract is that you will receive a fee that is cheaper than if you opted for month-to-month, no contract option. Yet, sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur favouring cancellation of your contract before the 12 month period has expired. The ease with which you can cancel your Curves contract will partially depend on the policies of the franchise where you initiated the membership.

Compose a letter to the manager at the Curves location where you initiated your membership. Include the date of the letter, the date that you joined Curves, and your reason for requesting a cancellation of your membership. Sign the letter.

Take the letter to the Curves location and ask to speak to the manager. Explain that you want to cancel your annual contract and give them the letter.

Pay any resulting charges from cancelling your contract early. These charges could be up to £32.50 as that is the maximum charge. Depending on your circumstances, the manager of the club may choose not to charge you any type of cancellation. Be aware that your cancellation may not become effective for up to seven weeks after your request. Curves policies require that you give at least 30 days notice of cancellation prior to your next monthly payment. So, if your payment is drafted on the 1st of June, and you do not notify the manager until the 3rd of June that you want to cancel, you will have to pay the monthly fee for July and your membership will not be effectively cancelled in August.

Contact your bank, if you participate in bank draft or Direct Debt payments, after the last required bank draft is taken from your account and inform them to no longer accept bank drafts from Curves.


  • Individual Curves franchises may or may not charge you a cancellation fee of £6.50 for every month your membership has been in effect, depending on your specific circumstances, but they reserve the right to do so. When you sign the contract you agree to fulfil the terms of the contract and pay any cancellation fees the club deems appropriate within their stated policies. The £6.50 is the extra amount per month you would have paid if you had decided to use the services of the club without committing to an annual contract. A benefit of committing to an annual contract is saving money. Therefore, if you do not fulfil the terms of the annual contract you agreed to and signed, Curves reserves the right to collect £6.50 for every month you used the club services.


  • If you decide to mail your cancellation request instead of hand-delivering it, send it certified mail and follow up with a call to make sure the letter was received by your membership centre. Some clubs may require that you come into the club and sign a cancellation form in order for your membership to be voided. Others may not. Check with the manager of your club.

Things Needed

  • Paper and pen or computer, paper and printer
  • Original membership contract from Curves