Caretaker duties & responsibilities

Though often used synonymously, responsibilities and duties can also have different implications and meanings depending on circumstances. Responsibilities generally include one’s obligations, while a duty can be clearly defined as a task to be completed by someone. In reference to the career fields of a property caretaker and a school caretaker, there is a list for both the responsibilities and the duties that fit each of these job descriptions.

Property Caretaker Duties

When a land or property owner needs to hire someone to care for his or her property, that position is filled by what is called a caretaker. One of the primary duties of a property caretaker is land stewardship. Land stewardship simply means the caretaker makes sure the land remains intact and productive, which sometimes includes landscaping. Different land owners may require caretakers to complete a host of duties that could include farming or ranching. Other duties may include fence mending, snow ploughing, plumbing, and tasks that involve the electric on the property. Some caretakers also have the duty of hiring others such as repairmen.

Property Caretaker Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the property caretaker vary slightly from the duties that must be fulfilled. Though they are both obligatory to the caretaker job description, the responsibilities of a property caretaker can be likened to those of a building or property manager. Security of the property is one of the fundamental responsibilities of this position, which includes preventing unauthorised entry onto the property or premises. Another one of the primary responsibilities includes the recording of every incident that occurs, from power failures to the ringing of the alarms to water problems such as flooding. Other obligations include providing assistance in the case of an emergency.

School Caretaker

School caretakers are more commonly referred to as members of the janitorial and custodial staff. Many of the basic responsibilities and duties of the property caretaker apply in this job description as well, such as the prevention of trespassers, responding to alarms, providing help in the case of an emergency, fence mending, and snow ploughing. In that students are involved, school caretakers must also be knowledgeable of specific regulations regarding working in a school environment like protecting student records and privacy.

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