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How to change a name on a title deed

A title deed, also referred to simply as a title, is a legal document that establishes property ownership. It must be signed in the presence of a notary public, typically when a piece of property is bought or sold.

The title deed must include a description of the property. It is wise to record your title deed with the office of the county recorder. You can change the name on a title deed by executing a quit claim deed

Obtain photos of the property. Quit claim deeds require both photos and a property description.

Pull the description of the property from your files. It should be safely stored with your other real estate documents.

Print the correct quit claim form for your state from the web. Many sites, including county recorder sites, make them available. You may also be able to visit the recorder's office to obtain a form.

Execute the quit claim deed. All signatures must be witnessed by a notary public, who must also affix her seal to the document. If your state is typical, only the owner -- or Grantor -- has to sign the form. Some states, however, also require that the person whose name you want to add -- the Grantee -- commit his signature to the form. In a small number of states, you will have to get one or more witnesses, in addition to the notary, to appear when you sign the form.

See to the recording of the deed. Though the quit claim deed becomes valid once it is signed and delivered to the grantee, recording it with the county is legally advisable.