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How to check if a car is insured

Anyone driving an automobile in the United States has a financial obligation to ensure that the car or vehicle they are driving remains insured at all times. Unfortunately, not all drivers abide by those rules. If you are ever in an car accident and suspect that the other party involved does not have insurance on their vehicle, you can verify whether your suspicions are accurate.

Get the number plate number for the car as well as the VIN (vehicle identification number.) The VIN number is on the left hand side of the car at the bottom of the windshield. If another driver involved, you should also get the driver's name, contact information as well as any insurance policy information.

Contact your local department of motor vehicles and provide the number plate and VIN for the car. Advise the person at your DMV that you would like to verify auto insurance for a particular individual. Privacy laws vary by state. For this reason, the DMV might not be able to tell you whether someone's car is insured. If the DMV can't release the information, they can point you to the state's bureau of financial responsibility to verify insurance.

Telephone your the police if you have filed a claim or accident report. Police can verify whether the car in question was insured. However, depending on your state's privacy laws, they might not be able to release the information to you.

Consider contacting the other driver's purported insurance company directly to verify legitimate insurance coverage. You can also go through your own insurance company to verify the insurance policy of another driver.

Things Needed

  • Number plate number
  • Vehicle identification number

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