Club Treasurer Duties

The treasurer of any club is the individual responsible for managing and handling the club's financial resources and records. Treasurers should have a good grasp of accounting and money management, and the club itself should have financial policies written down so that the treasurer knows what she is allowed to do with the club's money and to whom she reports.


The treasurer is in charge of making sure that members pay their dues on time and are given receipts for their dues. The treasurer also handles any disputes about dues payment and manages records of dues payments.


The treasurer is responsible for paying any bills the club receives. Bills for services and goods must be paid promptly by the treasurer on behalf of the club. The treasurer is also responsible for making sure that all bills are accurate and correct before paying them.


Treasurers are responsible for creating a budget and presenting it to the other officers of the club and, if required by the club's rules, the board. The budget should include information such as expected income and expenses. The treasurer should make sure that the club adheres to the budget once it has been approved by making sure that no one is committing funds that are not available or underusing funds for necessary payments.

Balancing accounts

The treasurer must keep a record of all financial transactions and balance the club's checkbooks or savings account books with every bank statement received. The treasurer is responsible for reconciling bank statements with the club's records.


At the end of each financial year, the treasurer should prepare a financial report for the club's officers and members showing the state of the club's finances and showing expenditures and income from the previous year. This report can coincide with the running of an audit, usually by an outside party, assisted by the treasurer.

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