How to find a company's tax ID number for free

Companies receive tax identification numbers after registering with the federal government. A company that provides products or services must get a tax ID number so that appropriate government taxes are collected. Tax ID numbers are included on many company documents, such as tax filings and W-2 or 1099 forms. IDs also are referred to as employer identification numbers (EINs). Since an EIN remains with the company permanently, you can search through old documents to find the EIN.

Contact the Internal Revenue Service in person at a local office or by telephone at (800) 829-4933. You can obtain company information for free if you are an authorised person, such as an owner, partner, director, or a corporate officer. Otherwise, the IRS will not disclose any information.

Locate a paycheck or W-2 form issued by the company. If you hold a leadership or management position, contact banks where the company has business current accounts.

Browse local, state, and national public records, as companies regularly disclose tax ID numbers. Free sources include your state's secretary of state as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission at

Search through, a website that is free for non-profits. Guidestar provides financial and corporate information, including EINs about non-profit organisations.

Register for a free trial with an online EIN database, such as through Review promotion rules carefully so that you understand how to end the trial without getting charged.


Tax IDs are not limited to for-profit businesses, as non-profits organisations, churches, political parties, and estates also receive EINs.

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