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How to get a computer with bad credit

Getting a computer with bad credit is easier than you may think. It will cost a little more than if you were paying for it in full, but this method can help you. Some companies that offer computers for those with bad credit report to the credit bureaus. That means as long as you pay on time, your credit score should increase.

Ask a family member, close friend or colleague to cosign on computer financing for you. This person will need to be able to trust you, and just asking them can be risky. Go over your finances with a fine-toothed comb and be absolutely sure you can make the payments on time, every time. If you can't at any time, your co-signer will pay the price in money and credit. If you have good, steady income this shouldn't be a problem.

Choose a computer dealer to go with when you've secured your co-signer. Dell allows you to custom-build your computer online.

Share a computer with someone in your family. Depending on how many people you share with, you could save a lot of money on the computer. You can get a brand new computer for half or even a fourth of the price. Just make sure you create a schedule detailing who gets computer time when. A desktop would be best when sharing a computer, so no one can take it out of the home.

Try BlueHippo. This company will help you get a computer with bad credit. You will need to build credit with BlueHippo, though. After you pay on time for six to 14 weeks, BlueHippo will offer to finance your computer's remaining balance and ship it to you. Then you will need to pay the remainder of the 52 weekly payments. After the 52 payments are made you will own the computer.

If you're in college, visit your financial aid office. Many financial aid programs offer help paying for a computer even if you have bad credit. Colleges and universities know that a computer is vital for academic success for today's students. If you are planning to go to college soon, ask the financial aid department now to see what you can do to qualify for computer financing help.

Choose a Netbook instead of a large laptop or desktop computer. Computers keep getting less expensive, and you should be able to get a Netbook even with bad credit. Most Netbook computers measure about 10 inches diagonally. If you just need a computer for e-mail, typing and Internet searching, a Netbook will fulfil those purposes. The price range for Netbooks is £195 to £390.


  • Ask for help in getting computer financing. People who care about you want to help, just be sure you can make the payments. Shop around and get estimates before you buy.


  • Learn about interest rates, payments and payment due dates before you make an agreement.

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