How to Stop a Direct Debit at HSBC

If you bank with HSBC in the UK, you probably have several direct debits set up. It is the easiest way to manage regular monthly payments. Paying by direct debit provides you with a guarantee offered by all banks accepting direct debit instructions in the UK. You must be notified in advance if the amount or collection dates change. If an incorrect amount is debited from your account, you will be refunded. There are times when you want to stop a direct debit at HSBC, and there are several ways to do so.

Login to your online UK HSBC bank account to stop a direct debit. Click the section "Account Information/Payments" in the left hand column then select direct debits. Choose the direct debit you want to cancel. Click "Cancel Direct Debit." You will be asked to confirm you wish to proceed. Click "Yes." And your direct debit is cancelled. You will be advised to inform the company you usually pay that you have stopped your direct debit. HSBC bank will also inform the company.

Use telephone banking. Call telephone banking and provide your security details. Tell the operator your want to cancel a direct debit. Give details of the direct debit: name of the company, date of usual payment and amount. Your direct debit will be cancelled. You will be asked to inform the recipient of the cancellation.

Visit your HSBC bank. Go to a counter and inform the banker you want to stop a direct debit. You will need to provide ID. Your bank card, driving license or other recent document showing your name and address will be fine. Provide the banker with the details of the direct debit you want to cancel. Your direct debit will be cancelled.


You may be requested to confirm you want to stop a direct debit in writing. Click the link in the resources section, and then click "Template of a letter to your bank to cancel a direct debit."

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