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Construction Project Manager Responsibilities

A construction project manager is responsible for the coordination of a building project.

He manages on-site work activities and is responsible for drawing up a budget that meets the requirements of the client company. A construction project manager usually liaises with professionals such as plumbers, electricians, architects and engineers, and is involved with a project from its inception to completion.

A construction project's main responsibility is to ensure a building project is completed on time, to budget and to the specifications of a client company. He should be aware of the tools and mechanical processes used in building construction and other structures, such as roads and railways. A construction project manager needs to possess excellent judgement and be capable of assessing the risks and rewards inherent in different approaches to completing a building project, as stated on the Project Management for Construction web guide.

A construction project manager also ensures machinery is used safely and efficiently and that regulations are strictly adhered to in building work. He will need to be aware of general engineering and mechanical principles to select and maintain the right tools and machinery for building work.

Core Responsibilities

A construction project manager needs to ensure any building work is carried out in accordance with local or national laws and industry regulations, to ensure the labourer working environment is safe. A construction project manger is also responsible for ordering new building materials. He needs to offer guidance to labourers and engineers to ensure tasks are correctly prioritised and that the tools and machinery required for the project are supplied. A construction project manager is also responsible for the financial management of building projects.

He compiles data detailing expenditure on building materials, labour costs and design expenses and conducts financial analysis to ensure a project is running on schedule and within financial parameters. He also submits reports to the client company so they can see assess how work is progressing and revise plans if necessary.

Communications Role

A construction project manager is responsible for liaising with other professionals, such as engineers, architects and electricians to ensure work is being effectively coordinated. He/she will need to be a good listener and be capable of providing clear instructions and on-site support so that workers can complete their work efficiently.

A construction project manager should also be a skilled negotiator as he/she is tasked with negotiating terms with contractors and resolving any disputes that may arise. He/she is also responsible for obtaining any relevant licenses or legal permits needed to begin building work, as stated on

Career Path

Candidates for jobs as construction project managers usually require a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction science or another industry-relevant field. In some cases, lengthy experience in the building industry will suffice.

Candidates can also gain certification by completing accredited courses with the American Institute of Constructors. The average salary of a construction project manager in May 2008 was £51,909, as stated on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.