How to create a car rental agreement form

If you plan to rent a vehicle, you will want to draw up an agreement form that both parties can reference. The rental agreement form will spell out the terms of the rental as well as the associated fees. To make sure the rental agreement form is legally binding, you should consider having a lawyer look it over first.

Open a word-processing program. This is the easiest type of software to use to create your rental agreement.

Include your business information clearly at the top of the form. Make sure to put your company name, address, phone number, e-mail address and web site.

Make a section on the rental agreement to enter the details about the car being rented. Record the vehicle's year, make and model. There should also be space to enter the car's mileage at the time of the rental and upon return, as well as for the length of the rental and the date that the vehicle is to be returned.

Spell out the terms for the rental agreement. At the end of the contract, list your terms and conditions. This will likely include the fees for the rental, insurance policy information, a liability clause and an acknowledgement that the vehicle car will be returned in the same condition it was in upon being rented.

End the agreement form with space for both your signature and the client's. The date should be listed as well. You can then save the form for future use or print it out.


If you need assistance creating a rental agreement form, you can use free online templates such as those at

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Things Needed

  • Computer
  • Word processing program


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