Creative Ideas for New Employee Orientation

Welcoming new employees to a company is an ideal time to make a big impression on new hires. Creative ideas and tactics employed during orientation set the tone for a new hire's first day, relax the employee and begin the team-building process. Present the company in a modern, positive light by choosing activities that are fun and informative.

Office Scavenger Hunt

Introduce new employees to the office and their co-workers by staging a scavenger hunt. Instruct them to search for certain people, items or roles of the office. Hunting these objects or people introduces the new employees to many of their coworkers and shows them the location of key elements of the office: the break room, copy machine, their own desk and manager's office. Start the scavenger hunt with questions like, "Who sits at the front desk and what is his role?" and "What is in the top drawer of your desk?" to get them going.

Large Orientation Class

Hold a single orientation class with multiple new hires rather than staging each new employee orientation separately, Each new hire will feel less out of place knowing that her's is not the only new face in the company. Include activities that encourage the participants to get to know each other and learn about one another's past work history or new role within the company.

Welcome Basket

Create a welcome basket by gathering all of the new employee's supplies including keys, ID badge and office supplies. This gift basket makes the new hire's first day celebratory and creates a positive welcoming experience.

Company Lunch

Gather the managers of the company and take the new employees out to lunch. This informal meeting between the higher-ups in the company and the new employees puts the nervous new hires at ease on their first day and gives them a feel for the casual side of the company.

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