The job description of a club steward

A club steward's job description is varied, as they are responsible for a variety of tasks focused on running the club. Typically, there is not a specific education requirement, but experience in the customer service field is generally required.

General job description

A club steward is responsible for overseeing the management of the day-to-day business of a sports team, such as a soccer or rugby team. The club steward is responsible for all administrative matters, like managing the clubhouse, hiring the staff and overseeing the staff members to ensure that the clubhouse is in good working order.

Skills required

A successful club steward should be familiar with working in the service industry, including working weekends and evening hours and taking time off during the sport team's off season. The ideal candidate has a good working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite and excellent customer service skills. Experience in management and administration is typically preferred, along with experience with the catering industry.


Responsibilities typically include keeping the bar stocked, managing the bar staff, organising club bookings, tracking payments for memberships and events, and keeping all audiovisual equipment in working order. The steward is also responsible for hiring, training and firing staff as needed. Additionally, the club steward acts as a liaison with the kitchen and functions manager.

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