How does customer service benefit an organisation?

An organisation's customer service department is usually the main resource available to customers who have a question or problem . Therefore, the customer service department plays a major role in determining a customer's perception of the organisation. This means that an efficient, friendly customer service department can benefit the organisation by helping to retain customers, which can pave the way for repeat business.


Without a strong customer service department, the customer may have a hard time finding an answer to her question or resolving her problem. When she phones the company, she might get bounced from department to department until she finally gives up in frustration. An efficient customer service department can help make the difference between a repeat customer and one who takes her business elsewhere.


Features of a strong customer service department include representatives who are courteous and willing to help. If he can't find the answer immediately, the representative will research the issue and get back to the customer as quickly as possible. Customer service representatives who also perform a sales function should not push the customer to make a purchase and will only make their sales pitch after the customer's issue has been resolved to his satisfaction.


The customer service department can perform an important public relations function for the company. By striving to make customers happy, it can create positive word-of-mouth advertising for the company. Some customer service departments also generate revenue for their companies by selling additional products or services once the customer's issue is resolved.


To get the most benefit from your customer service department, proper training is essential. Elements of an effective training program should include the organisation communicating its expectations and defining what being a successful customer service representative entails. The use of role playing teaches the representatives what they can expect and how to react to difficult situations such as dealing with irate customers.

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Customer service pertains to the "internal customer" as well as those who buy your products and services. Companies that emphasise employees helping one another can have a happier and more productive work force.

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