Customer Service Weaknesses

Customer service employees work in a range of environments including retail stores and call centres. No matter what atmosphere they work in, customer service representatives are often a determining factor in customer loyalty depending on the quality of service they provide. Weaknesses in customer service can leave a customer with a lasting negative impression, which can prove extremely detrimental to any company.


While shyness may not be something an individual can control, a career in customer service may not be a good choice for those who aren’t comfortable interacting with others. Face-to-face or telephone conversations are inevitable and shyness can often be misconstrued as unfriendliness. Avoiding customers will create an equally bad perception.


Customer service representatives are a company’s first line of defence for dealing with negative experiences. Explosive tempers and confrontation can be a habitual occurrence among some customer service representatives and being able to resolve issues diplomatically and objectively is crucial. It’s important for customer service representatives to not take these confrontations personally.

Poor training

Customer service representatives who are not well-versed in company procedures and guidelines can cause customers to lose confidence in your company. If they are reaching out to a customer service representative they want to know that their problem will be solved rather than be left feeling that your representatives are incompetent. Proper training and follow-up and experience are the best methods of prevention for this situation.

Inconsistent policies

Inconsistent policies can be as detrimental as poor training to any business. Word of mouth is a great tool of advertisement and when customers find out someone else with a similar issue was treated differently you may very well lose their business. Inconsistent or constantly changing policies can make it difficult for customer service representatives to uphold high customer service standards.


As with any position in any job an employee who exhibits total disregard for their position can be destructive to the business overall. Not only will their behaviour negatively influence other coworkers, customers will be able to detect their disregard. This can result in a poor reflection of your company.


Failing to follow-up with customers on issues that required excessive time and research can lead to an escalated customer service issue. In today’s technology-fuelled environment, customers expect a prompt response to most issues and some companies are bombarded with help desk inquires and other questions. Long wait times or failing to follow-up at all will leave your company with a reputation for poor customer service.

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