How to Find a Death Certificate Online

Few events can be more upsetting than a relative's death. Crucial items like death certificates are an important part of the process though. An official death certificate is needed when planning the funeral service, collecting life insurance, in genealogy and for police investigations. If you have lost or misplaced a death record, you can find it online on one of many ancestry or public records sites.

Finding a death certificate often starts with choosing a website. Most of the ancestry and records sites are used for genealogy purposes and charge subscribers a monthly fee to access records.

When you find the site that best suits your needs, type in the name of the person you are searching for and hit "Search."

When you try to view the records, the site will lead you to the page where you subscribe to the records services.

Once you subscribe, you will be able to access the records database.


You can search internationally for records, but you will have to pay higher monthly fees. If you only need one person's record, there are sites that offer free trials before charging your credit card. You can search for the records you need and cancel the service before you're charged.

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