Definition of administrative duties

An administrator is a professional who helps manage the daily operations of an organisation. Administrators play an important role in most industries and businesses. They can specialise in a broad array of areas and come from all educational backgrounds. While administrative duties may vary across different industries, there are standard administrative duties that most administrators must perform.


Administrators engage in the short-term and long-term planning of a business or organisation. Short-term planning involves organising the day-to-day details of planning meetings and other business-related events. Long-term planning involves establishing goals for the organisation and leading employees in the development of detailed strategies to meet those goals.


Administrators help keep a business or organisation well organised. Part of this duty is to track responsibilities that employees must perform, and delegate these tasks to the appropriate personnel. The end result is a highly coordinated work environment.


Administrators direct staff to facilitate the achievement of an organisation's goals. This generally involves allocating resources that ensure employees can perform their duties. Administrators must also help nurture an effective support system for employees. An important aspect of an administrator's direction is establishing strong channels of communication among all workers.


Administrators are typically tasked with determining staffing needs and then filling open positions with the appropriate personnel. Keeping the organisation's goals in mind, an administrator will write job descriptions, recruit new workers and assist in the employment interview process.

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