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Description of Office Duties

Organization is a key word for an office worker.

Office-related position descriptions may refer to clerical or office assistant duties. Office duties generally cover a range of skills and responsibilities, which include general organisation of correspondence and supplies, working with office machines and acting as liaison with multiple company departments.

Positions that require office duties include secretary, receptionist, administrative assistant and office manager. These positions help to keep a company running smoothly.

Document Maintenance

Office workers might be required to proofread documents before a supervisor or other management personnel signs off on final drafts. Some offices, such as medical, maintain sensitive or private documents to which rules of confidentiality apply. In addition, office workers organise and maintain the supply of documents and forms used in the office.

Filing Duties

Office responsibilities often include filing reports, forms and files according to company protocol. An office worker applies numerical or alphabetical order to all documents crossing his desk. Duties may include organising and keeping files up-to-date for the benefit of personnel who rely on accessing information in a timely manner. Office assistants and secretaries may retrieve and present files to superiors.

Office Machines and Software

Office assistants and secretaries spend significant time using fax machines, copiers, multi-line telephone systems and computers. They must be prepared to efficiently answer multi-line phone systems, route calls to the correct personnel and take informative messages.

Office duties may include operating postage machines and tracking incoming and outgoing mail. Depending on the company, office workers may need to be versed in software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

Communication Duties

Receptionists, secretaries and administrative assistants maintain communications throughout an organisation. Some of these duties may include customer service. As a result, some office employees resolve billing and customer satisfaction issues. If they disseminate information for their employer, office workers will communicate with staff across all levels of the company, so they must possess superior communication skills.