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What Are the Disadvantages to Hiring Temporary Workers?

While temporary, or contingent, employees aid a company in need while reducing overhead costs, there are disadvantages. Agencies -- often the suppliers of temporary employees -- may bill the hiring firm directly and pay employees a reduced wage.

Many companies use staffing firms to screen employees without hassle and paperwork during the hiring process -- only to learn the temp performs inadequately. Weigh the pros and cons of temporary help before using a temp agency's services.

Lack of Loyalty and Motivation

Temporary employees often lack motivation and loyalty to the company due to the short time spent assisting with operations.

They may lack the drive needed to go beyond in the firm's name; since they lack incentives like bonuses and promotions, some may not give 100-percent effort. Some temps may work just for a paycheck and not for love of the work; the latter, however, is an effective employee's main characteristic.

Wasted Training

Training temporary employees to complete specific tasks necessary for the company to work and thrive may go to waste. Often, temps don't return to the same firm for more than one placement; utilising current employee efforts to inform and reinforce skills needed to be efficient in company workings may detract from other employees' productivity. Although saving funds in payroll costs, temporary employees can waste manpower and revenue during training.


Temporary staffing agencies often telephone their workers with instructions pertaining to the next assignment, telling them the job's location and duties.

Sometimes, the employee may not gain a thorough feel for the job and won't show up.

The lack of consistency with on-time or arriving temporary employees is a concern. An employee who arrives for work with a negative and unproductive attitude may affect the company in a more severe way, as opposed to one who declines an assignment without notice.

Collaboration Issues

Current employees may resent temps' lack of experience and knowledge of the business' operations.

Core employees may not work well with temporary help and may not wish to teach or train them. Company employees often have their own tasks to achieve and may find it a waste of their efforts to work with someone unfamiliar with what needs to be done.