The culture a company creates and the way that company interacts with the surrounding community are the framework for the social factors affecting employment.

Good and bad social factors can have a profound effect on your company's ability to recruit and retain quality employees. When you identify those social factors, you can learn how to avoid the negative ones and use the positive factors to your advantage.


The culture within the company needs to be conducive to employee retention to prevent large turnover numbers, according to the CEO Online website. The company needs to make managers more accountable for the retention of good employees and for the development of employees who are having production issues. Making managers accountable for employee retention and development creates an atmosphere of cooperation within the workplace that improves retention and also helps in recruiting.


Employers develop a reputation among candidates based on the perceived quality of the employment opportunities within the company. Candidates utilise social networks such as the Internet and local professional organisations to investigate the potential for opportunity with an employer before going to an interview. When an employer works with employees to create career paths and assist in career development, that information will get out to potential candidates and be an asset when recruiting new talent.

Charitable Work

The way a company is perceived by the community has an effect on that company's ability to recruit and retain good employees. If your company is active in local charitable events and causes, then that can have several effects on your ability to recruit talent. It allows potential candidates to come into contact with members of your company in a social setting that can be used to entice candidates to apply for employment. It also builds a positive reputation for your company within the community that raises your public profile and attracts quality candidates.


A company that understands the need for a balance between an employee's personal life and work life improves its reputation among job candidates as a company that is positive to work for. Creating a flexible hours program and a day care program and offering quality health benefits are ways that an employer helps employees keep that balance between home and work life while still remaining productive.