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Duties & responsibilities of a sales assistant

Sales assistants are hired by retail companies to help promote and sell products. They provide administrative support when needed, helping with clerical and organizational tasks. It's helpful for a potential candidate for this job position to have a knowledge of basic arithmetic and inventory techniques. The annual salary for sales assistants is £24,050, according to Along with basic administrative skills, there are many duties to be complete by sales assistants on a daily basis.

Customer Service and Administration

A large responsibility of sales assistants is to assist customers with merchandise questions or purchasing. When requested, they may demonstrate to a customer how a certain product is used. Sales assistants may send merchandise or other marketing materials to customers, and when customers are missing items, they may deliver those to customers as well. Along with customer service duties, there are some administrative duties involved in the job. This includes answering phones, directing visitors to the personnel they need to see or the department they need to be in, filing, faxing, processing expense reports, planning and attending meetings, and troubleshooting small technical issues.


Sales assistants, depending on what type of company they work for and what type of environment they work in, may be responsible for stocking shelves of merchandise when it's running low. They should be sure to keep merchandise orderly and keep a neat appearance. Pricing merchandise and placing tags on items may be a part of the job as well.

Taking Payment

Sales assistants total the price of merchandise for customers using a cash register or pen and paper and accept payment from customers. They give correct change back to the customer if need be, and issue sales receipts.


Another duty of sales assistants may include inventory. Inventory must be done periodically and stock should be replenished and ordered when necessary. Sales assistants should accurately take down inventory of merchandise and then inform their supervisor or other appropriate staff members of the merchandise needs.

Training and Cleaning

Sales assistants may have some training and cleaning duties within their job as well. They may need to clean shelves, tables, and counters, or vacuum certain areas. When new employees come in, they may be responsible for helping to train the new employees and helping them become familiar with the policies and procedures of the company of employment.