What are the duties of a sales officer?

A sales officer works in the private and public sectors of business. He is responsible for managing all sales staff and monitoring all income of the company and ensuring that these meet projected targets. In a non-retail business, it is the duty of the sales officer to plan investment opportunities, make budgets and create sales-incentive programs. All sales officers no matter which area they work in are responsible for assisting customers and clients and handling public relations. Common job titles for a sales office include senior sales supervisor or senior sales manager. According to Indeed.com, as of 2010 the average salary of a sales officer was £48,750.

Managing Sales Staff

A sales officer is responsible for the sales department of a company. He will oversee all new staff hired and work with the human resource department to ensure that all positions are filled. It is his duty to create department policy and procedures in line with the rest of the company and implement these. The sales officer is responsible for using staff to the best advantage. This means creating specific jobs to meet the company's needs and ensuring that all employees are working towards the same goal.

Assessing Figures

A sales officer is responsible for performing sales analysis of the current market. This includes monitoring the level of sales and offering explanations for increases or decreases in sales trends along with suggestions to improve the situation. Working closely with the marketing department, a sales officer will arrange to meet with customers and clients to discover what is needed in the market and what they expect from the company. Carrying out public surveys and arranging sample tests is the duty of the sales officer. Following information gathered, the sales officer will make suggestions about new products that should be developed, and put together a draft budget for the project.

Create Promotional Activities

To help sell a new product, it is the duty of the sales officer to design and implement promotional activities. These activities include such things as open days, fairs, and public demonstrations of the product. Arranging promotional campaigns is also the responsibility of the sales officer. Special offers and discount sales are two of the promotional campaign options that a sales officer is responsible for designing and implementing.

Public Relations

Dealing with the public and ensuring that the company retains a positive public face is the duty of the sales officer. He is responsible for meeting with the media and answering any questions they may have as well as preparing press releases about new products under development or being launched. The sales officer will also deal with customers who may have complaints or suggestions and ensure that they are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

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