Energy government grants for home owners

Homeowners have long been able to apply for government grants to obtain assistance with financing and home improvement. However, recently grants for energy efficient and green energy systems became available as part of economic recovery efforts. The Internal Revenue Service also has a number of tax incentives and tax credits for homeowners who upgrade their homes to be more energy efficient. These include upgrades in insulation, windows and some appliances.


Before beginning the application process, you must locate the type of grant that will best suit your needs. Grant applications are complex and may require the assistance of someone who writes and prepares grants. Some local civic organisations and colleges offer grant-writing assistance through workshops and classes. Grant applications are available online and can be printed out along with detailed instructions, lists of required documentation, maximum grant amounts and the limitations of the grant. Many homeowner grant programs require that the homeowner does not have outstanding federal loans, are not behind in mortgage payments or owe delinquent federal taxes.

Renewable Energy and Weatherization

There are federal grant programs that include renewable energy systems such as wind or solar power. New housing that includes green energy systems often qualifies for both state and federal grants. Contractors may also qualify, and can then pass those savings on to homeowners. Weatherization grants at the federal and state level include energy efficient windows, insulation and replacement of appliances with energy efficient ones. Those Internal Revenue Service tax incentives and tax credits apply to specific weatherization projects and energy efficient home and appliance upgrades. Before purchasing any energy efficient appliances or starting a weatherization project, check with the IRS to find out what incentives or credits may be available.

Home Improvement Grants

Low- and moderate-income homeowners are eligible for many types of home improvement grants. These improvement grants may not include energy efficient upgrades. Home improvement grants apply to upgrades in plumbing, structural repairs, electrical upgrades, heating and cooling, and more. Although some of these projects will improve a home's energy efficiency, additional grants for alternative power systems, energy efficient windows, appliances and some types of insulation are also available. Each grant application is independent and does not affect the status of another grant application.

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