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How to Examine Contemporary Safety & Health Management Issues in the Workplace

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the workplace must address contemporary safety and health management issues in order to reduce workplace hazards, promote a culture of health and safety and strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency within the infrastructure in a place of employment. Examining safety and health management issues in the workplace can result in a better work environment, more positive statistical data and less fatalities, injuries and illnesses.

Review safety and health enforcement policies in the workplace. Safety and health management is most effective when an enforcement program is in place, according to OSHA. Enforcement includes inspecting the workplace and issuing write-ups for safety and health management standards not met.

Review priority safety and health management issues and workplace risks and hazards. Safety and health management issues include reports of dangers, severe accidents, complaints from employees, whistle-blowers' activities and individual areas of concern, according to OSHA. Upon review, address workplace risks and eliminate hazards.

Maximise employee trainings. During employee training sessions, allow workers to comment on areas of the workplace they feel could be safer and consider their suggestions. If there is not enough time to engage employees in a discussion about this topic, have them fill out a survey.

Use on-site safety and health-management consultation programs. A consultation program can help a business examine, identify and correct hazards. The consultants can also help establish a more effective safety and health management system.

Create an on-site safety team. A safety team's duty is to promote healthy and safe practices in the workplace and report all risks and hazards to management.

Measure every department's safety and health problem's outcomes and solution effectiveness. A workplace should keep records of all on-site injuries and relevant illnesses in a timely manner in order to examine reoccurring trends. When trends are spotted, management should investigate what is causing harm or an illness and seek to eliminate the source.

Monitor contemporary safety and health issues in the field. This will help managers be better aware of new injury prevention techniques and trends in seasonal communicable diseases using best practices.

Inspect the worksite often. No matter how many policies, procedures, training or safety teams are in place, the most thorough examination of contemporary safety and health management issues is not complete without physical inspections of a workplace.


OSHA provides free on-site consultation services to small business in industries considered highly hazardous. Managers can monitor contemporary safety and health issues in the field by having access to a wide range of research and information.