Make work fun by offering fun awards certificates. Present the awards at staff meetings.

Doing so will boost staff morale and help employees look forward to meetings instead of dreading them. You can easily create awards using word processing software or themed websites. Alternatives include trophies or an actual gala awards ceremony hosted by a professional comedian.

Funny Office Awards Certificates

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For the constantly cheerful office employee, present a smiley face award for being in a perky mood all the time.

If an employee is constantly cheering on others, present a pom award for having the most office spirit. For the employee who is a practical joker, offer the silly string award for being the office prankster. If you are the manager of an employee who is never at her desk when you need to talk to her, present her with the Where's Waldo award. For the employee who never answers his telephone, present him with the phone tag award.

Funny Trophy Awards

Reward your co-worker with an engraved humorous trophy. Give the office drama queen a trophy with the masks of tragedy and comedy.

Provide the employee who has great ideas but never follows through with the "no bull" trophy. For employees who want to chip in together for a gift for their boss for bosses day, give a "Big Cheese" crystal award.

Funny Trophies with a Purpose

Give personalised funny trophies that offer true recognition for accomplishments. For example, the bulldog award recognises employees who display tenacity and perseverance. Offer a trophy in the shape of a microphone for the worst speech, best speech, longest speech, most boring speech or most inspirational speech. Give a trophy in the shape of a boxing glove to someone who has beaten the competition in some way, such as winning a large account for her employer.

Corporate Awards Show

When a corporation is hosting a gala evening for its employees, leaders could consider bringing in a professional comedian.

The comedian performs an opening stand-up comedy routine with jokes related to the corporation or the type of work done by the corporation. Next, the comedian hands out the funny awards. Larry Weaver offers a website where he can be hired and the website offers links to other comedians available by geographic region, business type and event type so this website does more than just market Larry Weaver.